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Published: October 19, 2021

Jess C.

MTG Modern Wednesdays

MTG Modern Night

Modern is a constructed Magic: the Gathering format that allows expansion sets, core sets, and Modern Horizons; from Eighth Edition forward, except for the Modern card ban list. The Modern format thus encompasses all cards that have been printed in a core or expansion set using the modern card frame.


MTG Modern fires at 6:15pm every Wednesday; we recommend arriving 15-30 minutes early.

Registration begins at 5:45 – See the cashier for the sign in sheet and to pay your entry. A code will be shown on the Gaming Hall TV with which to join the event via the Magic Companion App on your phone or device.

  • We will play 3 rounds of Swiss


  • $10 entry per player


  • $7 Store Credit per Match Win
    • Draws are split—$3.50 each


Modern Format over stylized image of blonde woman from Magic the Gathering with a firey hand raised
MTG Modern Magic

MTG Modern Format

Modern – Modern is a pre-constructed format in which players bring a deck of 60+ cards from a huge range of sets ranging from 8th Edition to today.  For more details on this format, the sets allowed in Modern, the current banned cards list, and more, visit the Modern Format Rules

Competitive – This event is a more competitive format and vibe than our casual FNM Chaos Drafts, but its also a friendly competition where we encourage a casual, fun atmosphere. Everyone loves to win, but everyone also loves playing with folks who can win or lose with grace.

First time at Modern?  We always welcome new players! Our judge & staff (and players) would be happy to walk you through it and make sure you feel ready to play and enjoy your evening.

What to bring to Modern Night

Important! DCI numbers are no longer used for Wizards of the Coast organized play for Magic the Gathering. Players now register for events through the use of the Magic Companion App. This app provides registration tools, direct round pairings, results, and more. Use of this app is strongly recommended for a smooth Magic experience, due to the new Wizards Event Link program now used for administering Magic events.  If you cannot install apps on your phone, please let our judge know right away, you can absolutely still play without it.

What else to bring?  We suggest a spin-down die or life counter, tokens, play mat, and sleeved cards. These are not required, but are suggested for ease of play and protection of your cards.  If you need these, our storefront team will be happy to help you pick some out. We have plenty of options!

We hope to see you soon at MTG Modern Night!

Gaming Hall Code of Conduct

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