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Published: October 22, 2021

Jess C.

Holiday In-Store Trade Event with Travel Bonus



Make the journey to our Castle, put gas in your tank, and money in your pocket for the Holidays!

During our first ever In-Store Trade Days, our buyers will be in store all weekend to process your trades. We want to give our Midwestern friends an extra good reason to visit the store before the weather turns wintery and Holiday shopping becomes urgent. Ready for a road trip?


Friday November 5th – from 11am – 9pm
Saturday November 6th – from 10am – 8pm
Sunday November 7th – from 10am – 8pm


Our brick and mortar store and gaming hall in Fitchburg Wisconsin, just minutes from downtown Madison.

Store Hours and Location



Drive in from anywhere in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, or Michigan to get cash or credit for your games & collectibles, and we’ll help pay for your travels!

  • A team of our specialists to assess your games right in the store, whether its one item or a truck load
  • Up to 15% of your trade-in’s value to cover your gas for the drive
  • $10 in free items from the Clearance Cave for all trades over $100
  • Food and drinks to enjoy while we prepare your quote
  • Our Board Games Library of over 200 options to play while you wait
  • Free Miniature Painting tables (Saturday only) Try your hand at mini painting with the Madison Miniature Painters Club!
  • The World’s Largest Selection of games to trade in for; perfect for holiday gift shopping when you take increased Store Credit for your trade!



cheese, tomatoes and basil on a black backgroundIndeed we did! We’ll have snacks, subs, and beverages for our trade-in customers to enjoy while we work on your quotes. After all, what would any Wisconsin event be without cheese?

You’ll also have access to our Games Library with over 200 games you can play while you wait! Not to mention our huge store to browse, access to anything you want brought out from the warehouse so you can stock up on Holiday gifts while you’re here.  Trades paid out in Store Credit get an even higher payout, so this event is a perfect way to prepare for the season of giving.



man holding torch inside a cave
Cave of Wonders!

Our Clearance Cave is open every weekend, and especially this one! You can snag new and pre-owned games, books, magazines, comics and more in the Cave, for just pennies on the dollar.

Bonus: every trade-in valued at over $100 will be given a $10 coupon for free Clearance Cave loot! (Almost everything in the cave is $10 or less.)



No collection is too big or too small!

We are happy to process trades of any size during this event, on a first come first served basis.  Whether you have one or two games in hand or one or two hundred games, we’re in.

If you have a very large volume, we suggest emailing in advance to help expedite your arrival and quote. We may wish to unload your trade at our receiving bay side rather than through the store doors, for your speed and convenience.

Very large trades may take some time to assess. There are also tons of things to see and do in the Madison area if you wish to do some sight-seeing while you wait, we are happy to give you a call when your quote is ready.



To offset your gas for the journey to our Castle, we will be offering the IRS mileage rate of 56 cents per mile. Mileage will be determined by Google Maps distance from your home address to our doors.

We will cover up to 15% of your trade’s value when you accept the trade. For example, if you traveled 100 miles, we would pay up to $56 extra when your trade’s value exceeds $379.  (15% of $379 is $56.85)   If your trade-in’s value landed at $300, we would pay up to $45 extra!


man looking down a road pulling a suitcase on wheels
See you at In-Store Trade Days!