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Published: October 7, 2021


Miniature Painting Contest: Morznak!

The Mini

morznak demon atrocity

Morznak, Demon of Atrocity, is a resin and metal, 54mm miniature originally sculpted by the now-defunct Enigma Miniatures.

Note: Morznak comes in four pieces so you’ll need some glue if you don’t already have some! [ We recommend the powerhouse adhesive Zap-A-Gap! ]

WARNING: Morznak is partially anatomically correct in the nether region. We will have some censored versions available for anyone who wishes!


There are multiple ways to win!

All submissions are eligible for “Crowd Favorite,” and this can be awarded to a submission that has already won one of the first two categories. Anyone who doesn’t win in any of the standard categories is eligible for the “Better To Be Lucky” category!

1  Best Overall (Two Winners)

Our judge panel will look over all of the minis and choose two submissions that they feel stand out from the pack!


  • 1st – $40 Store credit
  • 2nd – $25 Store credit

2  Haunted Grounds (Best Basing)

Bases aren’t just a way to keep your mini upright, they’re a way to extend the creativity of your mini into the environment in which it lives! We’ve seen some impressive basing in the past and we think it’s time to reward this attention to detail!


3  Burning Creativity (Most Creative)

Based on previous contests, we expect this to be a difficult winner to choose! This category rewards your innovation and creativity!


  • Large Fire Elemental (RPR77082)
  • Wall of Fire (RPR77080)
  • Burning Sphere (RPR77081)
  • All three in fiery transparent orange!

4  Devil’s Favorite Demon (Crowd Favorite)

Our judges get out of the way and let the masses choose their favorite! Everyone who visits our brick-and-mortar store during the voting period can look at the display full of submissions and vote for the one that they like the most! Whichever mini receives the most votes is the winner!


5  Luck of the Devil (Better To Be Lucky…)

This is a winner chosen at random from all submissions who haven’t won in any other categories! Lucky, eh?


  • 5 Reaper paints: Black, white, and a trio of Caucasian skin tones

The Timeline

These are the important dates/times to know for this particular miniature painting contest.

1  Paint-Along Day

Our friends—Madison Miniature Painters—host an in-store Miniature Painting Day at Noble Knight Games on the first Saturday of every month. Feel free to bring in your miniature to paint along on Saturday 11/06/21! They’re extremely knowledgeable and friendly so don’t be afraid to pull up a seat to chat or ask questions!

Note: Attendance is not required for contest entry.

2  Submission Deadline

Drop off your mini at our brick-and-mortar store by closing time on Thursday 11/18/21. The minis will be displayed in-store for viewing and voting before we open the next day!

3  The Voting Dates

Voting begins Friday 11/19/21; Voting ends Thursday 12/02/21. Come in to the store during this time to gaze upon the glorious submissions and to cast your vote for “Crowd Favorite!”

4  Winners Announced

On Friday 12/03/21, we will announce the winners in an article here on the Gaming Hall website as well as on social media platforms!

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5  Pick Up Your Mini

On Friday 12/10/21 we will take the minis off display, and will hold them in the office for you to pick up when you’re able.