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Published: July 1, 2021

Jess C.

Newsletter Archives – July & August 2021

The Squire’s Scoop

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August 30, 2021

Trade-In Bonus Days Are Back!  Plus: Publisher Spotlight Ziterdes, Escape from Alcatraz, PanzerBlitz Maps, Call of Cthulhu, GW Dwarf Battalion…



 August 23, 2021

NATO Designer Edition, Forbidden Psalm, Mystical Archive Mats, Death Tyrant, Enemy Action and More!



Squire's Scoop Newsletter cover with castle August 19, 2021

Knight’s Most Wanted Lord of the Rings Buy List!  Plus: Tarawa 1943, Lost Cities Roll & Write, Book of Armaments, Squishy…


Squire's Scoop Newsletter cover with castle August 13, 2021

Lost Ruins of Arnak, Scarlet Citadel, Absolute War! Deluxe Trains, Sisu Battles for Suursaari, Critical Role Minis, and More!


Squire's Scoop Noble Knight Games Newsletter cover image with photo of a castle

August 4, 2021

Knight’s Most Wanted D&D 3.0/3.5 & d20! Plus BelloLudi, WizKids, Keep Up the Fire, Batman Miniatures, Warhammer Sister Dogmata, Brass Birmingham…


News from the Castle local newsletter cover image for Noble Knight Games with an armored woman holding a shield and pennant on a spear.July 31, 2021

News from the Castle – Updates for our Local Friends: Events, Contests, Masks, and More



July 23, 2021 Knight’s Most Wanted White Wolf & Onyx Path! Plus: Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniforms, Dune, Uk’otoa, MTG Adventures in Forgotten Realms, Guiscard 2…



July 14, 2021

Big news! Our brand new Gaming Hall content page is now LIVE!  Plus: Dune RPG, The Russian Campaign, Meadow, Waterloo 2025…



July 6, 2021

Knight’s Most Wanted: Squad Leader & Advanced Squad Leader!  Plus: Paranoia Agent, Coral Sea, Nemesis, AOS Dominion, Oath, 7TV Fantasy…


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