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Published: July 1, 2021

Jess C.

NKG Adventure Module #1 – St. Lucien’s Tower

St. Lucien’s Tower

A proprietary adventure module from NKG to You

Download the full printable module

Long ago, in the before times, we packed our Gaming Hall with RPG players several nights a week. But as Covid changed the name of the game a bit, Noble Knight Games found other ways to engage our local community in a socially distanced manner.

A bit prior to March of 2020, members of our intrepid office team set up a fun and goofy model dungeon display in our storefront, utilizing Dirt Cheap Dungeon‘s modular terrain. Filling it with a variety of bizarre creatures from D&D Blind Boosters and other assorted miniatures, it was cause for a lot of comments.  Such as, “Sharks? In an indoor dungeon?”  and “…is that Lady Noble Knight miniature about to solo that dungeon?”  The answers of course were Yes, and Yes, respectively.

evil pixie

But we couldn’t just leave it at that. We wanted to give our friends (who by now could not enjoy in-store play due to the pandemic) a sort of gaming love-letter. Something no one else would have. Something made for you, by us.


We turned to our Czar- errrr, pardon, the TSaR of RPGs,  DM Andrew.  Tasked with crafted a custom dungeon dive modeled after this display, Andrew (with contributions from other Storefront staff) dreamed up and wrote this truly unique adventure module.




In Andrew’s own words:

“Why were four identical pig farmers facing down a pair of wolves in one room, while a group of cultists gathered in a circle around, of all things, a flying shark?
What you hold in your hands is my attempt to make a plausible adventure out of these randomly selected miniatures and cool dungeon terrain. I tried to give the final product a semblance of logic and cohesion, at least as far as any dungeon filled with monsters, traps, and treasure can ever possess either. I took a few liberties, but tried to stay true to what I saw in the dungeon in the display case. Saint Lucien’s Tower is what some long-time RPG players call a ‘funhouse dungeon.’ It’s a weird place, and I hope you enjoy it.”

And so it was born, St. Lucien’s Tower.

Based on the 5th Edition rules, St. Lucien’s Tower Level 1 is designed for four characters of approximately 3rd level.  However it can easily be adapted to other systems as well, such as Andrew’s personal favorite, Dungeon Crawl Classics.

It contains fiendish cultists, devilish traps, rogue monsters, and all the delicious dungeon-delving goodies you could hope for. Magic items, maps, creature stat blocks, it’s all here, and it’s all kooky in the best way.

We offered up Printable Downloads of this engaging dungeon to our Local followers via the Local Newsletter and our Locals-only Facebook Group.  And now, with our Gaming Hall site, we have a place to host this adventure for all of our friends and customers, for all time…

Download the full St. Lucien’s Tower.pdf


















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