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Published: July 2, 2021

Jess C.

Cryptid Dispatch – Creatures for your campaigns

Cryptid Dispatch

Our talented and creative team have come together to offer you more custom NKG content that you can’t get anywhere else: Cryptids for your RPG campaigns!

Our intrepid team will periodically provide a colorful cryptid critter  with info & stat blocks you can use in your campaigns. Designed for the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular RPG, they are easily adapted to any ruleset.

A special thanks to:  DM Andrew for creating this delightful critter’s stat sheet, Vic the Artiste for his beautiful Hodag art, and the WI Historical Society for sharing their coloring sheet with us after they saw this.

Cryptid Dispatch #1: THE HODAG

The inaugural critter is a Wisconsin classic: the Hodag.

What, haven’t you heard of the Hodag before? Well, now’s the time to read up!  This monster haunts the North woods of Wisconsin, and can be heard in the night as he cries out for vengeance…

When our Hodag stat sheet was first released, visitors to our storefront were able to snag pre-printed copies to take home free of charge. Artists young and old could also grab a Hodag Coloring Book Sheet provided by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Now you can have them, too!

Download the Hodag Stat Sheets

Download Coloring Book Sheet & Historic Info

Cryptid Dispatch #2: THE MOTHMAN COMETH

You’ve probably heard of Mothman, but you can’t find this one anywhere else. Perfect for Halloween or wilderness setting games, add a Noble Knight Mothman Monster to your creepy sessions!

Our previously featured cryptid, the Hodag, is a native of our home state, Wisconsin.  Still close to home for us is Mothman, and sightings have been rampant in nearby Chicago for the last several years.

Whether or not you give credence to these sorts of tales, you’ve got to admit, Mothman’s got it going on. He’s got everything a Halloween Beastie needs: glowing red eyes, intimidating size, and the ability to appear out of nowhere and disappear back into the night on dark wings.

Though, the creature is slightly less creeptastic when you give him a shining silver statue with buns of steel like this West Virginia monument to the mystery-moth himself. (We’ll let you google his back side on your own time.)

Download the Mothman Stat Sheets


Cryptid Dispatch #3: KRAMPUS

The Holiday edition of our Cryptid Dispatch! Krampus is a devilish and delightful creature of Christmastime lore. Basically, he’s a German anti-Santa. Instead of presents from a bag for good kids, he puts naughty children in his bag!

And now, here he is to terrorize your players with this home-brew monster stat block and background information. Enjoy!

Download the Krampus Stat Sheets


Cryptid Dispatch #4: SHUCK HOUND

This time our search for cryptid critters takes us across the pond to England. From tales of Black Shuck, to the terrifying hound of the Baskervilles, English folklore is filled with stories of mysterious phantom black dogs. Even Harry Potter found himself face-to-face with the legend of the Grim, a harbinger of death inspired by these British tales.

Shuck hounds appear at night, haunting crossroads, graveyards, and other out-of-the-way locales to frighten travelers on foggy English nights. Little does anyone suspect the true, extra-planar origin of the mysterious black dog…

Download the Shuck Hound Stat Sheets


Hungry for more Cryptids?  More are coming soon!

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