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Published: July 12, 2021

Jess C.

Wisconsin Fantasy Maps

Wisconsin Fantasy Maps

Custom fantasy maps of our area inspired by RPGs

When we stumbled across Reddit user u/Euronexa‘s gallery of real-world locations transformed into fantasy RPG maps, we were stunned to see a lovely image of Wisconsin among the depictions of kingdom far and wide. Behold!


an illustrated map of Wisconsin, styled in fantasy role playing game fashion
Wisconsin fantasy RPG map by Euronexa


We were so thrilled with it, we reached out to see if they’d be interested in crafting a map of our Madison area home turf. And they did not disappoint!


Madison, WI region

An illustrated fantasy style map of the Madison WI area
The kingdom of Noble Knight Games – The greater Madison WI region by u/Euronexa

A few key points of interest on this map include

  • Our castle in Fitchburg
  • The capital building on the isthmus
  • University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Dragons circling the Dane County Airport tower
  • Sea monsters in Lake Mendota
  • Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum and Aliant Energy Center (Home of GameHole Con)
  • An Eagle guild emblem above the Eagle Heights area
  • The UW Arboretum
  • Verona’s Epic Systems campus
  • And more!

We’ll supply a labeled version of this map soon for your enjoyment. Plans for this Madison map include displaying it in our shop, and creating custom flyers for convention guests and other regional visitors to make the journey to our castle.  We might even make use of it for a custom RPG adventure… Keep your eyes peeled!

Visit Euronexa’s gallery and follow them on Reddit to see more from this friend of our store.