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Published: February 24, 2022

Jess C.

Savage Worlds RPG Tuesdays

Savage Worlds Tuesdays

Fast, furious fun! — Savage Worlds joins the lineup of Role Playing Games hosted at Noble Knight Games!

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When Can I play?

First Dates

Update Nov. 2022 – It’s never to late to join the action. Drop by to take a look and ask questions, or contact the group to get started.

The games will last 1-2 sessions each and will cover a variety of systems/worlds within the Savage Worlds catalog.

This is a great time to join up, check it out, create a character, and prepare for adventure in the Savage Worlds beyond!

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Join Up

New players are welcome, and sought! However ages 15+ are recommended, as this campaign could include some horror elements. Call, or come in to Noble Knight Games to sign up to play.

About The Game: Fast, Furious, Fun!

Savage Worlds is the core ruleset for all of Pinnacle’s roleplaying games. The systems span over many genres: fantasy, sci-fi, steam- and cyber-punk, gothic horror, modern, and many other flavors (See Savage Settings).

savage worlds art pinnacle entertainment group

What are the rules like?

This game gives emphasis on streamlined mechanics that allow for more focus on the roleplaying aspect of the game.

Build a player character using a point allocation system, with Edges and Hindrances providing flavor and depth.  Central to the game is the use of “bennies” (in form of poker chips) that players can use to help in tight situations to gain bonuses.  These can be earned through good roleplaying, unique approaches to a problem, or almost anything that advances the game and increases the fun!

Here is one review: Zoargamegeek

Prepare for adventures

savage worlds art pinnacle entertainment group

To find out more about the system and obtain free Savage Worlds resources, visit the Savage Worlds Free Downloads. There you can find character sheetsquick-combat-rules, and setting specific items.

And of course, you can drop by the store and pick up Savage Worlds Deluxe for under $10! Its a great, comprehensive physical reference for the system, character creation and more. There are tons of other Savage World books to enjoy at Noble Knight Games!

Drop by to meet the GM and group, ask questions, learn the ropes—it’s easy!—and create a character. The first two sessions help players with onboarding, but players are welcome to join up even after the initial sessions!

Gaming Hall Code of Conduct

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