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Published: September 27, 2022


Old Breed South Pacific

Old Breed South Pacific

Game box for Old Breed South Pacific tabletop war game
Old Breed South Pacific, from Worthington Games

The 5th and latest game in the Band of Brothers series is upon us! Old Breed South Pacific is a fast playing game of squad level combat in WWII. It covers the exploits of the U.S. First Marine Division in the battles for Guadalcanal and New Britain.

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Landing in Guadalcanal in August 1942, the division would fight for 6 long months until relieved. During that time they would face some of the most grueling conditions faced by American soldiers during World War II. They suffered from food shortages, jungle fatigue, diseases, the constant threat of enemy attack, and relentless jungle weather conditions.

For their part in the Guadalcanal operation, the USMC 1st Marine Division won three World War II Presidential Unit Citations (PUC). The battle would cost the division 650 killed in action, 1,278 wounded in action. A further 8,580 contracted malaria and 31 went missing in action.

Jungle Fighting and A brief respite

After a short relief, the USMC 1st Marine division were again sent into jungle combat. The codename for this campaign in New Britain was Operation Cartwheel. They came ashore at the Battle of Cape Gloucester on 26 December 1943 and fought on New Britain until March 1944. This included conflicts at such places as Suicide Creek and Ajar Ridge. During the battle the division had 310 killed and 1,083 wounded. Following the battle they sailed to Pavuvu in the Russell Islands for rest and refitting.

Band of Brothers - Old Breed South Pacific war game map sample
map sample from Old Breed South Pacific

What Sets this Band of Brothers release apart?

The Band of Brothers team has fleshed out the series’ rules to cover all past, current, and future games and packs in the series.  The rules introduce some component changes for Pacific specific packages, including company identifiers, weapon specific characteristics, special combat events, and Campaign rules linking scenarios.

Additionally, Old Breed South Pacific will see the addition of some Pacific-specific rules regarding

Area of Control


Area of Control (AOC) is used for placing units. It is defined as any hex that is closer to a friendly Rout Edge than at least two friendly units (or the sole remaining friendly unit). It also cannot have two or more enemy units closer to that same friendly Rout Edge. Units in Melee still count when determining AOC.

Fog of War Cup


If your side receives FOW reinforcements, place them in a cup. You may draw one random unit from the cup each turn, during either side’s Ops Range, and immediately place it on the board. Note that you can’t place it out of sequence with a CP (3.0, case 2), and you don’t need to place it in Command Range, if using Command and Control rules (63.0).

If drawn during the opponent’s Operations Range, the FOW unit must be placed:

    • In Beneficial Terrain within 1-2 hexes of an enemy that just entered a new hex. Pause the enemy move as if pausing for Op Fire.
    • Within its own AOC, and closer to its Rout Edge than the moving enemy. Not in the hex the enemy just left, nor within 1 hex of a non-moving enemy.
    • Unused, and Concealed (until removed per 15.0), as if it had been in all respects present before the moving enemy entered its new hex. For example, it may immediately Opportunity Fire at the foe whose movement triggered its placement.

If drawn during your Operations Range, the FOW unit:

    • Must be placed in Beneficial Terrain, within its AOC, within 3 hexes of a friendly unit, and at least 3 hexes away from all enemy units.
    • May instead immediately enter from a friendly Rout Edge.

In either case must be Used for an Operation or marked for Op Fire (4.0), counting against your Operations Range.

Combat Events


This rule allows for unexpected events to occur during combat. It is an optional rule in scenarios set in Europe, but it is required in scenarios set in the Pacific because of the prevalence of Japanese snipers.

Whenever a Squad or WT rolls a ‘1’ when firing on another unit during the Operations Phase, there is the possibility of a Combat Event. MCs and SATW Checks (33.0) cannot trigger a Combat Event, but a roll against the SATW FP could. The effects of the original roll are resolved normally. Afterwards, an additional roll is made and on a roll of 1, 2, or 3 a Combat Event occurs (4-10 is no effect):

    • If the result is a 1, then the player whose unit made the attack must roll on the Combat Event Table.
    • If the result is a 2, then the other player rolls on the Combat Event Table. When provided a choice by the table, the player rolling on the table makes that choice. However, a choice must be made (if possible). This means that the player choosing the results of an event may have to do something that is detrimental to him. Apply the effects immediately.
    • If the result is a 3, then roll on the Japanese Event Table. If the scenario does not include Japanese units, then ignore a roll of a 3. The Japanese player may still end up rolling on the Combat Event Table on a 1 or a 2, but the Japanese also get to roll on the Japanese Event Table on a roll of a 3. If players would like to minimize Combat Events in the Pacific, they may choose to ignore the first Combat Events table and only have the Japanese roll on the Japanese Event Table on a roll of a 1.

If a scenario requires the elimination of a certain number of units—and one is brought back by a Combat Event—the player retains credit for eliminating a unit.

You can also expect some well-fleshed out special rules for National Characteristics such as PLUCK for Commonwealth forces in the upcoming module for them.  The national characteristics are shown to represent political, ideological, and training doctrines inherent to each country.


Old Breed South Pacific tabletop war game counters
Terrain, Japanese, Marine, and Vehicle counters for Old Breed South Pacific
  • 4 Double-Sided Mounted Game Boards
  • 5 Counter Sheets
  • Dice
  • Rulebook
  • Scenario Book
  • 2 Player Aid Cards

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