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Published: July 2, 2021

Jess C.

Madison Tabletop Roleplaying

Madison Tabletop Roleplaying

Tuesday Nights at Noble Knight Games


Madison Tabletop Roleplaying brings their RPG play night to Noble Knight Games every Tuesday at 6:00pm.

The Games

This is a multi-table gaming session evening for the enjoyment of a variety of RPGs other than the current edition of D&D or Pathfinder.  (For that, check out the Madison Adventurer’s League.)

This group plays a wide variety of roleplaying games, including traditional ‘Old School’ games such as Original D&D, 1st Edition AD&D, Classic Traveller, Pendragon, and Call of Cthulhu, as well as retro-clones like Old School Essentials, Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, and more.

They also play more contemporary RPGs such as Savage Worlds and GURPS, as well as games like Beyond the Wall, Torchbearer, Powered By The Apocalypse and FATE. If you’ve played any of these games in the past, or even if you’re completely new to them and want to try it out, they’re happy to have you come and play.

Current Games

  • Mutant Future – Secrets of the Desert
    •  It is the Year 11,273 of the Following Age, and the world has been at peace. Yet rumblings of unheralded changes, and the emergence of dark forces, threaten the present day. Warlords roam the desert and plains; radiation blights the land, and foul creatures multiply in the darkness. Valiant adventurers are needed to protect the weak and innocent… Mutant Future is a post-apocalyptic science fantasy RPG, in the same flavor of similar genre games from the late 70s and early 80s.
  • New Horizons (OSE or similar)
    • Far to the north, across the tempestuous Mosaic Sea, and beneath the famed boreal lights, the newly-settled whaling village of Horizon has called to you.  A new frontier!  Rumors have spread of strange magics and ancient ruins, of terrible monsters lurking in the pinewood forests, and of golden treasures ripe for plunder in the uncharted lands beyond.
  • Kingdoms of Moribus (Shadowdark)
    • An evil empire has mysteriously withdrawn from its thousand-year rule to an ancient homeland beyond the eastern mountains. Newly freed kingdoms struggle to find their footing as old rivalries and new ambitions threaten the fragile peace, and adventurers from every corner of the Known World converge to explore the secrets left behind.
      Will you offer your torch to help keep the creeping darkness at bay?
  • Kilo Company Ops (ALIEN RPG)
    • In 2184, aboard the USCMS Tamb’Itam, 2nd Platoon, Kilo Company finds itself at the center of some of the pivotal skirmishes and intel ops in the escalating Border Wars. Along the way, they may begin to unravel a larger mystery.
      This campaign draws heavily from the 1986 film, ALIENS in tone, focusing more on action, intrigue and suspense than horror.
  • Dagger in the Heart (Heart: the City Beneath)
    • The Aelfir (high elves) of Spire embarked on the grand folly of the Vermissian – a network of trains connecting the towers and dizzying heights of their vertical city.  The Aelfir recruited a cabal of human retroengineers to tap into the only source of power that could make the whole scheme work – the living Heart beneath the city. They forged a machine to cut into the Heart… and it all went horribly wrong. Down below, in the red wet heaven, lie the keys to your heart’s deepest desires and the answers to unutterable questions. The Heart will give you what you want, or kill you trying.
  • Crown and Skull
    • The North Holds are recovering from a terrible time of calamity. Some 30 years before present day, The Bloodwing War ravaged the realm. The once-unified lands no longer have a king, borders have decayed, wilds are more dangerous than ever. An age of order and ideas has come to an end. With no unifying rule, The North Holds struggle to find new purpose and new direction. An era of adventure.

Join Up

While drop-ins are welcomed and every attempt will be made to find you a seat and work you into the campaign immediately, we highly recommend giving the leaders of this group a heads-up on attendance. This makes it smoother to get you ready and fit in with an existing table, or additional tables may be scheduled in to make space for new folks. This group typically runs up to 8 or 9 tables of gaming, and is quickly reaching capacity. So join up with them today to ensure your seat at your favorite game.

Curious about this event and what it’s like? Stop in Tuesday night to see the action, talk to the leaders, and join the fun.

Or for more information, to join the group, or to discuss the details of this event, please join the Discord Group or visit the  Facebook Group

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