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Published: June 28, 2021

Jess C.

Wizards of the Coast announces changes to Friday Night Magic at Home program

Wizards of the Coast announces changes to Friday Night Magic at Home program

Goodbye, FNM at Home. Hello, Midweek Magic at Home!

Over a year ago, the world went into lockdown. Events were cancelled. Games were suspended, and many players took to the internet to keep their games alive as best they could.  Magic the Gathering and the ever popular Friday Night Magic hosted by game stores worldwide was no exception.

In the absence of in-person paper magic events, Wizards of the Coast concocted a promotion to help keep the love of Friday Night Magic (FNM) alive, while keeping players in touch with their local stores. FNM was booted up into the MTG Arena, the online version of Magic the Gathering, so players could scratch the itch a bit online.

Those who participate in the event show their event screenshots to us, their friendly local game store. Players are encouraged to stay involved, play with others, and compare notes about the weekly format in our local group. In exchange, we hand out unique promotional codes for MTG Arena. These codes contain alternate card art, sleeves, digital pets, and other virtual swag!

But, it’s just not the same as paper table-top Magic. So we are thrilled to say…

Now returning to in-store play and paper magic events, Friday Night Magic is back at Noble Knight Games!

Announcing Mid-Week Magic at Home

With events like our FNM Chaos Draft  back in many brick and mortar stores, Wizards of the Coast decided it’s time to retire FNM @ Home, and keep FNMs at the stores you love.

But it’s not really gone! It’s just mutating, taking a new form: Midweek Magic at Home.  Going forward, Midweek Magic at Home will function exactly the same way as Friday Night Magic at Home, but taking place weekly on Tuesdays-Thursdays. Play in the online event, share your results, get free digital loot.

The final Friday Night Magic at Home will take place on Friday July 2. The following week, there will be no online event during the transition period.  Midweek Magic at Home will commence officially on July 13.


Want to get in on the fun?

Come play Magic the Gathering at our shop! We have Friday Night Magic Chaos Draft, plus pre-release and release events, and more.

But also, play in the weekly MTG Arena Online Midweek Magic at Home event! Join the fun running Tuesdays-Thursdays to claim that sweet bonus promo code every week. Take a screenshot of your participation.  Then share it below the weekly post in our Gaming Hall Community Facebook Group. If you don’t use Facebook, you can also share it on Twitter and tag  @NKGames.