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Published: December 28, 2021

Andrew B.

Found Your Sheet: Campaign Map

Noble Knight Games buys gaming products every week, and sometimes those products contain something extra. From time to time, we feature those finds here. In the past, we’ve looked at character sheets. This time around, we’ve got something different: a hand-drawn campaign map. Check it out!

A hand-drawn map from D&D 4E
A hand-drawn map we received in a trade

If some of those place names look familiar, that’s because this map is a recreation of one that appears in the Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide. The region it details is Nentir Vale, which is part of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for D&D. While the map is clearly a copy of the 4E map, it isn’t a simple tracing. For one thing, this map features a larger scale. Otherwise, the two maps are very similar, but not 100% identical. Here they are, side-by side, for comparison:

A hand-drawn map on top of an open 4E DMG.
Compare the hand-drawn map with its inspiration: the 4E DMG

While clearly inspired by the original (check out the compass rose), the new version is very detailed, and very much hand-drawn. The cartographer had to move names around to fit them in slightly different spots on the map, but the location of various geographical features is essentially the same. This is the kind of thing a person could probably achieve much easier by electronic means. But this DM took the time to do it by hand! Let’s zoom in and check out some of the detail:

A zoomed-in look at the map
Even if this were traced, it’s a cool level of detail

What a fun glimpse of this DM’s Forgotten Realms campaign. This was a great find. I liked it so much, I used it in a different article that you can read here. Thanks for reading, and keep those trades coming.

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