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Published: October 5, 2021

Jess C.

How to Create Spooky Graveyard Fence Terrain

Tabletop WitchCRAFT – How to create your own graveyard fence terrain

We teamed up with customer and YouTube master creator John of Tabletop WitchCRAFT to provide some pieces for his series of spooky Halloween-inspired, hand-crafted graveyard fence terrain!

In this first video, Tabletop WitchCRAFT shows you how to make a perfectly creepy, modular rusted metal fence for your graveyard or haunted mansion. Perfect for your seasonal D&D campaigns, or any other table-top RPG or miniatures game, or diorama!

The best part of Tabletop WitchCRAFT’s crafting series video is that he’ll walk you through the whole process step by step with plenty of detail. He’ll also tell you about the products he used, and you can find those products at Noble Knight Games, of course! Follow along and get inspired to create your own. In the step two video, see how to craft a beautiful matching gate for this modular fence terrain.

And then, he’ll show you how put them all together to surround something truly breathtaking…

What’s next?

Feeling up for something a bit more grand now that you’ve had some practice?

Take a look at stage two of this series, the Haunted House piece de resistance! It’s an incredible piece of tabletop terrain that will leave you saying “oooooo” just like the ghosts haunting the graveyard around the building.

TableTop WitchCRAFT is working on another build right now with a few more things from Noble Knight Games, and it’s going to be an impressive and dare we say ‘explosive’ build…   We’ll be sure to share that epic piece when it’s complete.  Stay tuned for the next instalment!