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Published: February 11, 2022


Sedan 1940 — The Battle of Britain

Sedan 1940 is a battalion and lower-level tactical game focused on the decisive action at Sedan led by Rommel in 1940. The German General encircled the majority of the French army by driving through the Ardennes, surprising a contingent of less than stellar French divisions.


sedan 1940 conflict simulations limited ltd consim war game wargame
Sedan 1940, from Conflict Simulations Limited

Sedan 1940‘s system focuses on combined arms, combat effects can vary depending on the units in a stack (also called a force). Units feature both a Primary Combat Value and a Secondary Combat Value representing different types of arms/weapons available to units. Advanced rules are available to further simulate radio issues with command and control.

Activate forces by chit pull, activating whole divisions at a time. Each unit is allowed two basic actions or one special action. The sequence of play is unstructured, allowing movement, assaults, fire-combat and planned assaults to occur as chaotically as they did historically. Unit types range from armor, infantry, artillery, anti-tank/air, engineer, and motorized units. You can place units in Overwatch status allowing them to engage in Opportunity Fire using their Primary Combat Value.

Game Stats

map war wargame game board
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Each day turn is approximately 2 hours while night turns are 4 hours for a total of 20 turns.

  • Players: 1-2
  • Solitaire Rating: 9/10
  • Complexity: 9/10


counters war game wargame
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  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 22″x34″ map
  • 2 player aids
  • 280 Counters
  • 1d6
  • 1d10

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