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Published: July 6, 2022


Regional Championship Qualifier, July 30th — Results!


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Magic: the Gathering — Regional Championship Qualifier

After a two-year hiatus, Wizards of the Coast has announced the return of the Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour!

The first step in the tour is the Regional Championship Qualifiers. Think you’ve got what it takes to climb the ladder? Well, your journey starts with the Regional Championship Qualifier at Noble Knight Games!

Below are the details, prizes, and promos for our qualifier event.

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Date, Time, Entry Fee

  • Saturday, July 30th @ Noble Knight Games
  • On-site Registration begins at @ 10:00am
    • Online Registration Here
    • Online Registration is in the form of a “pre-order” product purchase. Please read the pre-order product notes fully to ensure a smooth and swift pre-registration and check-in process on the day of the tournament.
    • Update 7/27/22 – The majority of seats have now been reserved.  As we approach capacity, we cannot guarantee day-of-event openings without prior online registration pre-order. If any seats do remain unsold on the day of the event, walk-ins will be accepted.
  • Event starts @ 11:00am
  • Entry fee: $100


Note: There is a 50 player limit on this event

  • Double Masters 2022 (2X2M) Sealed
  • Top 8 Draft 2X2M

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This is a $1,000 cash prize event and there will be no packs as prizes.

  • 1st place
    • Invite to Regional Championship
    • $400
    • Your name on the Noble Knight Games Store Champions plaque
  • 2nd place
    • $200
  • 3rd/4th place
    • $100
  • 5th-8th place
    • $50


  • 1st place
    • Foil Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
  • Top 8
    • Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx
  • First 32 players to check-in on-site for the event
    • Lava Spike


1st Place winner, Sean R; Noble Knight CCG Manager and organizer of the tournament, David G; MtG Judge, Pete Jahn; MtG Judge and Noble Knight Curator, Christian C

Congratulations to Sean on winning our first Magic: the Gathering Regional Championship Qualifier. The Top 4 all voted to split the cash prize, but Sean is the recipient of an invitation to compete in the Regional Championship matches!

The final turn of the final match!

Top 4 Decklists

View this event’s Top 4 Decklists on Tapped Out.

Well done, to all players! This was a great event and it was a blast to watch high-level Magic play inside the castle walls here at Noble Knight Games!

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