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Published: April 27, 2021

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International Shipping – Now with even better rates!

International Shipping

Complete Your Quest for games & supplies from anywhere in the world

Noble Knight Games proudly offers international shipping worldwide! We’ve been offering this service for over 20 years, and now its getting even better.

2020 brought a lot of challenges and changes, but from that change comes growth in 2021. With more demand than ever for our global services, we’re pleased to unveil some new information, updated options, and even better rates for our customers overseas.

Dan Leeder, VP of Noble Knight Games, has more on this fantastic news, and answers common questions about our international shipping.


Q: Noble Knight Games ships internationally? Do you mean just to Canada, or all over the world?

A man stands thoughtfully before shipping containers
So many shipping options…

A: We absolutely do.  In the last few years we’ve shipped thousands of orders to 119 different countries.

The majority of our international orders currently go to the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, but we’ve shipped to nearly every country.

We have a lot of experience and expertise with the logistics of shipping globally, and the international shipping partners to get product to our customers with a variety of speed and cost options.


Q: What’s new for those who purchase from outside of the USA?

A: Quite a few new things actually. First, we recently signed with DHL, which has added additional package pickups and delivery options, and we’ve gotten a pretty great rate from them. We’re pretty excited for this new carrier.

We also locked down a reduced price for our FedEx shipping, about 20% less in fact. Plus, they reduced certain accessorial limitations, and allowed an increased dimensional divisor.

This allows for more packages to fall within a lower shipping rate bracket. We are happy to pass that savings on to our customers with new, lower priced options from FedEx.


Q: So FedEx and DHL are good options. Who are all of NKG’s current shipping partners?

A: We work directly with USPS, DHL, FedEx, and the FedEx “FIMS” service.  FIMS is the FedEx International Mail Service, and probably our most popular option. FIMS shipping means that FedEx picks up and ships the package to the country of its destination, and then the local mail service of that country delivers it once it’s there.

An interesting little fact about FIMS, is that their international shipping hub is located in Sweden. Therefore, every package shipped via FIMS goes through Sweden on its way, and sent onward by the Swedish post. So if you’ve ever wondered why if you live in Canada, your package tracking shows its latest location was Sweden. That’s why! It’s not lost or misrouted, its just doing what FIMS does.


Q: Do all of those carriers pick up packages every day?

A: Some of them even pick up from us more than once a day.  USPS picks up packages from us 11 times per week!

We are able to ship over 99% of our orders are out the door and on their way within 24 hours of being placed,  even when the destination is international. Our team works hard to make sure each and every order is quickly assembled, packed for shipping, and on its way without delay.



Q: Can everything Noble Knight Games has be shipped internationally?

A: We carry the largest selection of games in the world, and nearly our entire inventory can be shipped internationally.  There are a few partners of ours that don’t allow or heavily restrict international shipping on their products for various reasons, and we honor their wishes in that regard.

Just about the only things we cannot ship overseas are in-print, sealed Magic the Gathering products, and Games Workshop items published after the year 2012. But that is only a tiny fraction of the inventory.  We carry items from over 7,000 publishers from all over the world, so if you are looking for a one-stop shop, that’s us!


Q: Earlier you mentioned a variety of available rates. What economy international shipping options does Noble Knight Games offer?

A: We offer a variety of both economy and express international shipping options.  Our most economical options are with FIMS, where FedEx delivers the package to the country, and then the local post office delivers it.  FIMS usually takes 7-21 days to arrive, and is very reliable.  Some countries offer tracking for this service as well, but that is dependent on the local post office.

If time and detailed tracking isn’t critical and you are looking to save some money, FIMS is typically going to be your best bet.  If your items weigh under 4lbs though, USPS First Class International can be a good option as well.


Q: What about those who need faster express international shipping? Does NKG offer Air Express Shipping?

FedEx Express enters consultations on workforce reductions as it nears the completion of TNT network integrationA: We do, and we have some big updates in pricing here. We offer FedEx International Economy (4-7 days),  FedEx International Priority (2-5 days), USPS Express Mail (3-5 days) as well as DHL Express (2-6 days). All of those options will get you your items quickly, nearly anywhere in the world.

With the recent new additional discounts on these options, our rates for those options are better than ever. So if you haven’t checked out our international express shipping options lately, take a look at them now!

If you don’t need your items quite as fast, we also offer USPS First Class International (6-14 days) for shipments under 4lbs, and USPS Priority Mail International (6-10 days) as well.


Q: Sounds great, but how do I find out how much an international shipment will actually cost, before I place an order?

A: It’s simple!  Just add the item(s) you want into your shopping cart on our website.  From there you have two options to get shipping costs and carriers.

The first way is to use our Shipping Calculator. The Shipping Calculator tool is shown at the bottom of every page of our website, in the blue bar.  You can also find it when you view your shopping cart, just above the button to Check Out. Using the Shipping Calculator,  just enter your postal code and country.  Then click the Calculate button, and you’ll be shown the various options and prices.

The second option is to start the Checkout process with the items you wish to ship. Before you reach the Payment screen, you’ll arrive at a Shipping Options page. There, you will be shown the options that are available for your items and country.


Q: Can you offer tracking information on international packages?

FIMS Tracking

A: Most of our international services offer tracking, with the most reliable being Fedex, DHL and USPS.  FIMS tracking exists, but is not as reliable, as it is dependent on the local post office in the country to which it’s been sent.

That’s why FIMS tracking will sometimes ‘go silent’ after the package reaches the international FIMS hub in Sweden, until it suddenly arrives at your door. Its not lost, but the local post may not be reporting its current location to the FIMS system.


Q: What if my package does not arrive, or is damaged?

A: It’s pretty rare that a package completely fails to arrive, as long as we’ve been given a valid address. But should tragedy strike, the good news is that NKG assumes all the risks for international shipments.  Although sometimes we need to wait for traces to complete or be returned, we will always make it right.  If your shipment doesn’t arrive, we will reship your items at no charge to you, if available. Or we will refund you if the items are not available.


Q: What payment options do you accept for international orders? - USPS International Shipping Rates


A: We accept PayPal, and all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  If you prefer to pay for a higher end item with bank transfer, we can send that information to you on request. Contact us with questions any time!


Q: Does your Buy-Sell-Trade program include international customers?

A: It does!  We accept most trades from Canada.  For overseas customers, please contact us if you have items to trade. We can look over what you have and ascertain if there is a cost effective way to send your items to us that makes sense for both parties. Visit our Buy-Sell-Trade page for more information on this program!


Q: How do you handle Customs Fees?

Two hands exchange a wrapped gift
Gift Photo by Inesa Cebanu

A: Customs fees differ from country to country. From our experience, it varies even from customs office to customs office within the same country. Customs fees are handled within the given country and its postal service. Customers are responsible for any applicable customs duties and taxes that their country may charge.

If your international purchase contains gifts, please make note of it on your order. In some cases this can be relevant to your Customs office.



We hope this breakdown of our International Shipping options is useful to all our friends and customers overseas. Noble Knight Games works daily to keeping our options wide and prices low for everyone, no matter where you live.  We even offer Flat Rate $9.95 shipping and free shipping on orders over $149 within the continental USA. We hope to add even more options and discounts overseas as we continue to grow.

For more details on placing orders and shipping through Noble Knight Games, visit our Ordering & Shipping Information page.


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