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Published: October 19, 2022


Drider Miniature Painting Contest – Winners!

Drider Miniature Painting Contest – Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Noble Knight Games Drider Miniature Painting Contest!

It’s always fun to see the finished products that our local artists submit and the Drider contest was no exception! There were lots of creepy and crawly interpretations of this eight-legged—and two-armed—paragon of chaotic-evil!

The Winners

This contest featured the Drider figure from Wizkids.

  • 🥇 1st Place – Zac L.
  • 🥈 2nd Place Jesse R.
  • 🏆 Crowd Favorite – Lennette vD.
  • ☘️ Better to Be Lucky – Michael K.

Well done, painters! And thanks to everyone who came in to the store to vote for Crowd Favorite.

To those who entered a miniature in the contest: we will remove them from display on Monday 10/24/22 and place them in the office. You can stop by to pick them up and bring them home any time after that! Thanks so much for participating in our contest and we hope to see you in the next one!

You can check out our previous contest (Chimera) winners here!

When’s the next one?

The contests take place regularly! As soon as we have the information for our next contest, we’ll post an article here, so keep your eye-stalks peeled! Or you can follow us on the Noble Knight Facebook page and catch the announcements there!

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