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Published: January 27, 2022


Diex Aie 2: Return of the Danes

Diex Aie 2 Background

diex aie 2 return of the danes

Publisher Cry Havoc Fan‘s Diex Aie 2 places us in England just after the battle of Hastings in the second half of the 11th Century. It depicts the numerous fights that the Saxons fought to resist the “Norman Yoke.” This release is a campaign game: It is used to generate tactical scenarios which are played on the standard maps of the series.

Diex Aïe! Latin for “God helps,” was the warcry of the Duke of Normandy.

Diex Aie 2 includes everything from the original game, and adds:

  • Upgraded counters printed on heavier board
  • New additional counters and map
  • New scenarios featuring the Danes


The 4 playable factions are displayed through counters using the Outremer/Croisades format. A 3-letter marking system makes the various playing pieces easy to identify on the maps.

The Maps

Diex Aie 2 includes four tactical maps which can be combined to form different configurations.

  • The Motte & Bailey
  • The Woodbridge
  • The Ditch
  • The Saxon Village

The game also includes two campaign maps—Yorkshire and Kent—designed to play several scenarios.

The Motte & Bailey map displays a wooden tower on top of a motte, overlooking a small bailey with buildings, surrounded by a wooden palisade and moat. Players position buildings to simulate a small village on the Woodbridge map. A marshy bottom is a challenging obstacle for cavalry to cross on The Ditch. The Saxon Village is a new map which consolidates the various building overlays which were provided with the first version of the game.

Pick up your copy of Diex Aix 2: Return of the Danes today!

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