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Published: August 2, 2022


DCC Day Online 2022

DCC Day Online 2022 is here! This is a time to celebrate the rich and engaging Dungeon Crawl Classics system, settings, and adventures!

Publisher Goodman Games has included three exclusive modules for this year’s celebration which you can only get at participating retailers—that’s us!

DCC Day Online 2022 is your chance to get these limited edition items before they sell out!

three softcover adventure modules from the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: The Book of Fallen Gods, Chanters in the Dark, and the DCC Day 2022 Adventure Pack
DCC Day Online 2022 Exclusive Adventures

The Exclusive Items

Goodman Games is releasing three new books—a total of four adventures—that will be available exclusively for DCC Day Online 2022 while supplies last!

DCC Day 2022 Adventure Pack

dcc day 2022 adventure pack RPG modules from Goodman Games

The DCC Day 2022 Adventure Pack contains two all-new adventures! Incident at Toad Fork for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, and The Last Life Guardian for the Mutant Crawl Classics RPG!

Incident at Toad Fork

The Harvest Moon dance is a joyous annual tradition, and folks come from all over the mountains to drink, dance, and enjoy fellowship with their neighbors and kin. Upon this occasion, however, a shadow passes across this beloved event and the elders ask for volunteers to investigate an incident that most of those present fear to be the work of un-holy forces.

Incident at Toad Fork is a 2nd level adventure set in the Shudder Mountains. Shudfolk heroes will have to make their way across the mountains, show courage against savage creatures, deal with the mysterious figure known as Mister Sharpe, and find a way to free a group of wayward youngsters least the darkness take their souls.

The Last Life Guardian

A chance encounter with a dying outland trader yields a terrific tale of horror and hope. A pure strain human wizard with the ability to heal and even bring the dead back to life is being held prisoner by savage mutants within a time-ravaged superstructure of the Ancient Ones.

The village Rememberers have decreed the trapped wizard must be none other than a fabled Life Guardian, a surviving member of an ancient pre-disaster order sworn to heal and protect mankind – and he must be rescued!

Now it is you, the boldest of the village seekers who must set out beneath the red and bloated sun to brave the perilous wilds and dire creatures of Terra A.D. in search of the last Life Guardian…

DCC Day #3: Chanters in the Dark

dcc day 2022 rpg module for dungeon crawl classics from goodman games

Chanters in the Dark

The subterranean river thunders into the darkness…and there, before it plunges into the Abyss, the ship crashes onto the rocks. Stranded on the dark stony beach, the PCs must deal with beast-men, strange growths, and the Caretaker if they wish to escape. Deep below Aerth, the Chanters in the Dark plot against the surface world. The PCs must uncover their mysteries if they ever wish to see the sun again!

The Book of Fallen Gods

dcc day 2022 rpg module Book of Fallen Gods

Lingering since the dawn of the multiverse are a cabal of deposed deities: the Un-Gods. These entities are the innate forces of the cosmos—entropy, love, power, creation, and life—that influence creatures, nations, planets, and galaxies alike. Each has vast power at their command and are willing to share that supremacy with those willing to forge compacts with them. But all such bonds come with a price, a price not all are willing—or capable—of paying.

The Book of Fallen Gods introduces seven new patrons for use in your Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG campaign. With powers ranging from love to destruction, one of them will surely tempt your players to seek a bond with them!

Dice of the Fallen Gods

Available exclusively to DCC Day attendees, Goodman Games is offering new dice sets!

Yes, you read that right. These are 7-dice sets with only the DCC funky dice: d3, d5, d7, d14, d16, d24, and d30. There are 7 colors of these 7-dice sets: black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. The dice sets are themed to fit with the patrons covered in The Book of Fallen Gods.

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