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Published: July 1, 2021

Jess C.

Warmachine Fridays

Warmachine / Hordes

Every Friday evening

Group Information


The Warmachine / Hordes group meets at 6:00 pm every Friday evening for casual play.


Warmachine by Privateer Press

The Game

Warmachine by Privateer Press is a 30mm miniatures based fantasy/sci-fi /steampunk war game set in the Iron Kingdoms.  Choose a faction and field an army of combatants on a 4′ x 4′ battlefield. Each player represents a powerful battle mage, a soldier sorcerer in command of mechanical Warjacks. These terrifying steam powered walking battle tank mechs clash on the battlefield amidst the rain of magical fury from the sorcerers, until one side emerges victorious!

From Privateer Press:

Five powerful Factions wage the wars that engulf the Iron Kingdoms: imperialistic and conquest-driven Khador; heroic Cygnar, with its cutting-edge technology; the zealous Protectorate of Menoth; the reclusive and vengeful Retribution of Scyrah; and the undead Nightmare Empire of Cryx. Bolstering the forces of these Factions are countless mercenaries, drawn from all corners of the continent to profit from the endless conflicts. Other nations beyond the Iron Kingdoms have also entered the fray—ancient and inhuman races, some who ally with the human Factions and others who would see humanity destroyed.

Which Warmachines faction is for you? Take the Quiz to find out!


credit: Privateer Press


Warmachine – Destroyer #1

Casual:  No RSVP is required, just show up on Friday evenings and the group leaders will help orchestrate matches. Or, drop by to take a look, and feel free to request a demonstration!

An escalation league event or tournament may be coming down the road as plans begin to take shape. Stay tuned!

What to bring: If you plan to play, bring your units and if possible a printed list, dice, etc. While Noble Knight Games does provide some playmats and terrain for use, it is suggested to bring your own playmat and any terrain you’re fond of, as these communal materials are first come, first served.


Join Up

Join the Warmachine players! Drop by to meet the crew, play, or just let them know you’d like to play next week.


We hope to see you soon at Warmachine Fridays!


Gaming Hall Code of Conduct

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