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Published: January 4, 2023


Rare DnD Items Freshly Available at NKG

Rare DnD Items Freshly Available at NKG

Dungeons & Dragons has seen many developments and iterations over its nearly 50 years of existence. The famous roleplaying game evolved by tweaks and refinements; molded and modded, often guided by the feedback of the community itself. But every player eventually grows curious about how the game used to be. How did we get to where we are now? These rare DnD items provide a window into the origins of the game and the minds of its creators back in the glory days of TSR.

Dungeons & Dragons Original Woodgrain Box Set (1st Printing)

Arguably the holy grail of RPG collecting, the original woodgrain box set is a rare DnD treasure indeed! We have sold four of these Dungeons & Dragons Original Woodgrain Box Sets in our 25 years of operation, most recently about 2 years ago. They don’t often come around and are always a sight to behold.

Only about 1,000 of these box sets exist. Gary Gygax et al famously assembled them by hand in his kitchen in Lake Geneva, WI back in 1974. Authored by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, the box set features the equine cover art famously taken from the Strange Tales #167 comic. Other noteworthy features include:

  • Horizontal box striations only seen on the original 1974 printing
  • References to Hobbits and Ents
    • TSR renamed these later due to a lawsuit from Middle-earth Enterprises and the terms became “halflings,” and “treants” respectively

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The Ghost Tower of Inverness (Collector’s Edition II)

The Ghost Tower of Inverness (Collector’s Edition II) module was designed for the Official Dungeons & Dragons tournament that took place at Wintercon VIII in November 1979 in Detroit, MI. TSR printed only 300 copies for the event. This rare “C-Series” module written by Allen Hammack contains background information, referee’s notes, complete maps, scoring information, and visual aids. It also includes pre-rolled characters for tournament play and notes on how to convert the module for non-tournament use.

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Next we have another well-known rarity. Rahasia is the first of a line of RPGA modules dealing with general adventures using TSR game systems. It’s a D&D Basic Adventure for a balanced party of 5-8 characters at levels 1-2, penned by the indomitable duo of Laura & Tracy Hickman in 1983. The module includes background information, maps of the temple complex, a set of pre-rolled characters, and detailed encounter information for the DM.

The elvenmaid Rahasia is in dire peril. An outsider, the evil human Rahib, is trying to force her to come away with him against her will. To this end, he has taken over the Temple of the Sacred Black Rock. He has placed the elves who tend it under a terrible curse, and lured both Rahasia’s father and her betrothed into his hands. You are her last hope. Can you brave the dangers of the Temple, break the curse, and capture the Rahib before he brings ruin upon all?

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Black Opal Eye

The second RPGA module of 1983 by the Hickmans, Black Opal Eye is a complete D&D Basic adventure for a balanced party of 5-8 adventurers at levels 2-3. It can be played on its own or as a sequel to RPGA Module 1. Black Opal Eye includes background information, maps, of the tower, and detailed encounter information for the DM.

The fear of doom is haunting the fair elven forest. An ancient enemy, dark and sinister, is threatening them once more. Three witches inhabit the ruins of the wizard Elyas’ tower, and their evil schemes are now in motion. Two elf maidens have disappeared without trace. None of those sent to explore the witches’ tower have returned. The elves’ magic is failing, and they have turned to you for help. You must enter the tower, discover its secrets, and defeat the evil of the witches forever. Are you equal to the challenge?

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The Elixir of Life

1984’s The Elixir of Life is the second in a series of rare DnD RPGA modules concerning the Prophecy of Brie. Written by Bob Blake, the module contains two AD&D adventures for 6-10 characters at level 4-7. The module was originally run as part of a tournament at GenCon XVI. It contains two wilderness adventures, background information, maps, and detailed encounter keys.

The Kingdom of Pellham is in danger, Only the return of the great King Llywelyn can solve the realm’s problems and satisfy the people. Many arduous tasks must be performed before the great king can be resurrected—tasks YOU have been chosen to undertake. You must solve arcane mysteries and overcome dire perils to accomplish your quest. Are you equal to the challenges you face?

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Doc’s Island

Doc’s Island is the last in the “R” series of AD&D modules, written by Frank Mentzer and released in 1983. Each RPGA module has been used at an official GenCon tournament and was designed for maximum entertainment value. Doc’s Island is usable in campaign or tournament play. The original five characters are included in the module, along with character details, historical background, overview maps, and detailed encounter descriptions for the Dungeon Master.

After centuries of strife between the forces of Good and Evil, your party, under the leadership of the famed paladin Athelstan, seeks to recover the Holy Sword, Chrysomer—one of the great Legendary Swords now in the hands of Evil forces.

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To the Aid of Falx

To the Aid of Falx is the first of the RPGA series of AD&D modules. Yet another by the legendary Frank Mentzer, this one was released in 1982. Each RPGA module has been used at an official GenCon tournament and has been designed to provide maximum entertainment. To the Aid of the Falx is usable in campaign or tournament play and may be scored by points or using the RPGA Tournament system. This adventure is designed for a balanced party of 5-8 characters at level 5-9. Six tournament characters are provided along with standard and isometric maps, scenario and character background information, and detailed encounter descriptions for the Dungeon Master.

Falx, a silver dragon and nephew of old Bahamut himself, has a problem. He needs a hardy brand of adventurers to explore some caves near his lair, for the dark powers lurking therein have stolen five potions—of silver dragon control! Can you penetrate the dangerous complex without triggering the alarms, to find and destroy all the potions before sundown?

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The Egg of the Phoenix (signed)

A rare find indeed, this copy is autographed by author Frank Mentzer! 1982’s The Egg of the Phoenix is the third of the RPGA series of AD&D modules. Each RPGA module has been used at an official GenCon tournament and has been designed to provide maximum entertainment. The Egg of the Phoenix is usable in campaign or tournament play—using the unique RPGA Tournament System included herein—and is designed for a balanced party of 5-8 characters at level 5-9. The original six tournament characters are provided, along with detail and overview maps, scenario and character background information, and detailed encounter descriptions for the Dungeon Master.

In the lonely town of Northending, the Council of Five has called the famous Paladin Athelstan to their aid. The fabulous artifact known as the Egg of the Phoenix has disappeared. Stolen by evil beings and hidden far away—in the Negative Material Plane itself, it is guarded by a real Phoenix!

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The Endless Stair

Ed Greenwood’s classic from 1987 promises endless adventure. The Great Mage Cheiromar—known as Aglahund the Mighty—is said to be buried under the Leaning Stone atop Galzar’s Crag. One of his apprentices, Ulthorn, has been discovered dead in an aperture of the Leaning Stone—a doorway that locals swear has never been there before!

In The Endless Stair, you must discover how Ulthorn died and the mystery of the Leaning Stone. In the process, you may find yourself at the Endless Stair. Those who never climbed it say it seems to lead to nowhere, Those who did never lived to tell of it.

Will you dare ascend into the unknown?

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Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure

You’re guiding your party through a dense swamp. Suddenly the jaws of three large crocodiles snap menacingly. The fighter draws his sword and the magic-user prepares to cast a spell. The crocodiles creep slowly closer.

Time out. Have to find the tables in the rules.

Resolving combat is just a dice roll away if you have the D&D Combat Shield. All the tables you need are included on this handy 3-panel screen: monster hit rolls, saving throws, armor class, variable weapon damage, and several others. Experience tables for each character class are also given.

1984’s The Combat Shield also comes with an Expert Game mini-adventure: “The Treasure of the Hideous One.” The adventure features a ready-to-use treasure “map,” that you may introduce into your campaign when your players find clues to a lost treasure. Several interesting “encounters,” are thrown in, too, so you’ll have plenty of chances to use the Combat Shield.

Three crocodiles? No problem!

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The Revenge of Rusak

Zeb Cook authored the next rare DnD module, The Revenge of Rusak which includes 3D figures featuring tents, trees, carts, a waterfall, and characters. A sheet of 2-sided tiles include trails, streams, creatures, and other wilderness features. A wilderness mapping grid comes included to help you lay out wilderness encounters quickly. The 3D Dragon Tiles also come with a special D&D adventure: “The Revenger of Rusak.”

Princess Arelina rushes from the tent as total disorder breaks out across the camp. She descends on your party as you struggle to secure your weapons…

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The Wrath of Olympus

In The Wrath of Olympus, Immortals lie chained atop a mountain in the Broken Lands. Their bonds relentlessly drain their power while demons cavort with glee around the wispy barrier, as strong as any prison.

Have you the courage to embark on a dangerous mission for the materials necessary to craft an artifact? If you survive the task, you must then assume the identities of legendary heroes of Darokin and face deadly Immortal foes without revealing your Immortality! The demons of Entropy stand between you and your final goal. Have you the power to rescue the imprisoned Immortals and preserve the Prime Plane? The future of the Prime Plane is in your hands!

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The Best of Intentions

Next up, in the rare DnD module, The Best of Intentions, Prime Plane immortals are dying like flies: nasty, violent deaths. The Hierachs suspect Entropy, as usual, especially with all the rumors of demons’ involvement. To top it all off, one of the Hierarchs is missing—Mazikeen.

Your mission as novice Temporals, should you choose to accept it, is to find Mazikeen, uncover his kidnapper, and bring him or her to a court of Immortal Justice. This entails much more than a mere detective job—it also means taking part in the Immortal Olympics and going plane-hopping with the best (or worst?) of them.

Should you not accept this mission, the fate of all Prime Plane immortals rests on your heads. (Well, it rests there anyway, but this is meant to make you more than a little guilty about not accepting—after all, you’re supposed to be duty-bound and all that kind of thing, and if you don’t do this, then who will? Huh? Did you ever think about that, Bucko?)

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The Five Shires

Humans (and other races) call them “halflings,” and tend not to take the little folk too seriously. They look like children, so they are often treated like children—distrusted, underestimated, or just plain ignored.

But there’s much more to the hin—as the halflings call themselves—than petty thievery and childish pranks. They are a tough, mature people, proud of their legacy of centuries of survival in the face of indifference and outright persecution from other races.

The Five Shires—the latest Gazetter for the Dungeons & Dragons game system—gives you a total, in-depth look at the hin and their world, including:

  • A new Halfling character class
  • Everything you need to know about halfling magic
  • Exciting adventures in the Five Shires
  • A large, full color map of the Five Shires, and its towns
  • A secret about halfling pirates
  • Separate DM and Players’ Booklets—96 pages in all!
  • The Secret of the Blackflame

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The Kingdom of Ierendi

To some, it is a vacationer’s paradise. Tropical islands, set in sapphire seas, fringed with shell-covered beaches: the perfect spot to “get away from it all.” To others, it is a place to be feared. Pirates’ hideaways, disease-ridden jungles, psychotic natives: the perfect spot to avoid.

The Kingdom of Ierendi comprises ten islands, each with a specific attraction for the adventure-seeking visitor. The native population includes the Makai, and various settlers who have chosen these exotic locales as their home (well, for some, perhaps “chosen,” isn’t quite the proper word…).

Your characters want to take a break from continental life? Here is the material for precisely that kind of relief. This Gazetteer includes:

  • Information on each island in the Kingdom
  • Complete maps of the area
  • Adventures keyed to specific locations (as well as some more general ones)

And for the DM, a new method of playing out sea battles, complete with ship counters, comes included.

Come back to Ierendi. Make it yours, again and again.

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The Atruaghin Clans

From the Ashes of an ancient culture of proud warriors rises a race of people unlike any other in the known world.

Long ago, the power of Blackmoor all but destroyed the mighty Azcans. Some of them, the bravest of the brave, sought refuge under the shadow of a great plateau. For decades, they struggled to preserve their lives and their culture. Now, centuries later, their secrets are revealed. From the buffalo hunting Horse Clans and the evil Children of the Viper, five distinct Atruaghin Clan cultures are laid out in detail.

The Atruaghin Clans is the fourteenth book in the best-selling Gazetteer series. It provides a complete description of the culture, history, and goals of the noble Children of Atruaghin.


  • 64-page Player’s Book that provides rules for Atruaghin character creation and introduces the Shamani, a new character class
  • 32-page DM’s Guide that details the history of the Atruaghin Clans, the unique Immortals that they worship, and several sample characters
  • A large, full-color map that details the geography of the Atruaghin Plateau and the lands around it

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These rare DnD treasures don’t often come up for sale. Strike while the iron is hot, collectors and enthusiasts! It could be a long time until we see them again!

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