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December 13, 2021


Miniature Painting Contest: Boneclaw!

The Mini

boneclaw wizkids skeleton undead dnd paint contest

Our next miniature painting contest stars a chaotic evil, skeletal undead: Boneclaw!

Whether to sadistically end the lives of the innocent, or due to being in the service of a necromancer or such who commands them to do so, the purpose of boneclaws is to eviscerate the living with their claws.

Though the claws often grow and retract as they please, the Boneclaw can take full control of the length of its claws. It attacks by sneaking into the range of a foe and then lashing out with a claw growing at the speed of lightning, and skewering them through the heart.

Categories & Prizes

There are multiple ways to win!

All submissions are eligible for “Crowd Favorite,” and this can be awarded to a submission that has already won one of the first two categories. (Stop by to vote for your favorite!) Anyone who doesn’t win in any of the standard categories is eligible for the “Better To Be Lucky” category, drawn at random from the entries that have not yet won a prize.

Boneclaw is available for purchase in two distinct formats: Miniature only, or miniature with Paint Night Kit.  The kit includes everything you need to paint your Boneclaw, including brushes, paints, a scannable link to a YouTube tutorial and of course, the Boneclaw miniature. The kits are a great way to try painting for the first time, or for hooking your friends and family on a paint night together!

For this reason, we are offering some different prizes based on whether you are submitting your miniature having used only the materials in the kit, or whether you used your own materials and not the kit.

1  Traditional Category (AKA “Just the Kit”)

This means you ONLY used the kit to paint your mini. No extra basing materials or colors not contained in the kit. We can usually tell, but please note when you drop off your work if you are competing in this category.


  • 1st – $30 Store credit
  • 2nd – $20 Store credit

2  Non-Traditional (AKA “No Bones Left Unearthed”)

For this category, you may use whatever paints and basing materials you wish! You are not restricted to the contents of the Paint Night Kit box.


  • 1st – Minion Recruitment: $5 store credit and Winner’s choice of 4 six-packs of orcs, goblins, and dwarves from Massive Darkness.
  • 2nd – A sample of my true power: $5 store credit and six miniatures from TseuQuest

3  Better Be Lucky (drawn at random)


  • Raid the Armory: $5 Store credit and sprue full of plastic weapons for customizing Reaper Miniatures!

4  Crowd Favorite (voted by the public)

Our judges get out of the way and let the masses choose their favorite! Everyone who visits our brick-and-mortar store during the voting period can look at the display full of submissions and vote for the one that they like the most! Whichever mini receives the most votes is the winner!


  • A Delayed Holiday: The Reaper Christmas Sampler, including a mini, two paints, and candy.


The Timeline

These are the important dates/times to know for this particular miniature painting contest.

1  Submission Deadline

Drop off your mini at our brick-and-mortar store by closing time on Sunday 1/23/22. The minis will be displayed in-store for viewing and voting before we open the next day!

2  The Voting Dates

Voting begins Wednesday 1/26/22; Voting ends Wednesday 2/2/22. Come in to the store during this time to gaze upon the glorious submissions and to cast your vote for “Crowd Favorite!”

3  Winners Announced

On Friday 2/4/22, we will announce the winners in an article here on the Gaming Hall website as well as on social media platforms!

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4  Pick Up Your Mini

On Friday 2/11/22 we will take the minis off display, and will hold them in the office for you to pick up when you’re able.