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July 1, 2021

Jess C.

Infinity Tuesdays

On Hiatus
The Infinity weekly event is currently on hiatus due concerns over the Omicron Covid-19 variant. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to a safe return soon!

Infinity: The Game

Tuesdays at Noble Knight Games


6:00 pm

Every Tuesday

Infinity by Corvus Belli – weekly at Noble Knight Games


The Game

The World:  Nearly 200 years into our Earth’s future, humanity has spread into outer space. Those star systems colonized by humanity compose the Human Sphere.  But all is not calm. These systems have been claimed by massive interstellar nations who trade covert blows in secret wars to control the delicate balance of power. But an alien threat from the great beyond threatens to change everything…

The situation is so critical that the Human Sphere is reaching the Code Infinity. As a level, code or situation, “Infinity” is the alert state immediately prior to a full-scale confrontation. In times of general peace, Infinity is one of the worst possible contemplated scenarios, a complicated state of affairs of utmost military gravity.  One misstep could result in a multinational catastrophe. In the parlance of Intelligence agents and analysts, a Code Infinity is also known as the Chinese Curse, or Interesting Times. (“May you live in interesting times” being a terrible thing to wish upon a person, as we can all attest to from simply being around in 2020.)

Infinity miniatures by Corvus Belli


The main human nations compose the majority of the eight factions playable in Infinity. (PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, Haqqislam, Nomads, Aleph, 0-12, and the Combined Army.) These diverse and disparate human forces must join together to fight the alien the Combined Army and its master the EI, an alien artificial intelligence that plans to integrate the Human Sphere into its immense, all-devouring galactic empire.


Gameplay: Infinity by Corvus Belli is a miniatures based, sci-fi forward skirmish war game for two players. It simulates special operations and skirmishes in an action packed near future filled with secret missions, black ops, and covert actions. Each match is a struggle to complete a series of tactical objectives. Quality 28mm scale metal miniatures each have their own unit profiles and attributes, and take actions modified by a roll of the dice. These units battle on a zone ranging from 24″ x 32″ up to 48″ x 48″ depending on the gameplay format.  Select a faction and build an elite force, then take your matches into a dynamic setting of high-tech combat.

For more details on gameplay, try these free Quick Start Rules!



Casual weekly missions: Drop by and jump in, or just take a look and see what its all about! A different mission theme will take place every week. This allows new players to drop in easily, while previous players to plan ahead as a continuation. Demos are available on request.

What to bring:  If you plan to play, you should bring dice (d20), templates, tape measure, and tokens. And your faction miniatures, of course! (A printed list of your units is also recommended.) While some terrain and playmats are supplied by Noble Knight Games for use, it is suggested to bring your own mat and any terrain you are particularly fond of as these supplies are first come, first served.

Tournaments:  Tournaments and seasonal escalation league events are almost certainly coming down the pike again. Stay tuned!


A game of Infinity being played at Noble Knight Games

Join Up

Join the community of Madison area players  While not required, giving the group a heads up that you plan to attend and play can help make game setup smoother and faster.

Head over to the Madison Infinity Players Facebook group for more information and to join the crew.


We hope to see you soon at Infinity game night!


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