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October 20, 2021

Jess C.

Asmodee MAPP Amnesty Sale!

Asmodee MAPP Amnesty Sale

Big discounts on popular games

The Asmodee Corporation, under whose umbrella thousands of the world’s most popular modern board games reside, has announced a MAPP Amnesty period, and we’re passing the savings along to you.  Just in time to get your Holiday gift shopping done early before the crunch time and competition for the season’s hottest titles, it’s an Asmodee Amnesty Sale!

Companies within the Asmodee family include of course Asmodee itself, plus others like Fantasy Flight Games, CMON, Plaid Hat Games, Days of Wonder, Z-Man Games, Iello, GameGenic, Mayfair Games, Space Cowboys and many more at substantially reduced prices on both new and pre-owned games!


Get your Holiday season gifts early!


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Get your gifts early!

With such great savings on over 5,000 popular games from a variety of hot publishers, this is the perfect time to get your holiday gifts early. Avoid the crunch, skip the lines, forget the last-minute hassle of finding that perfect gift, and ditch the worries over whether your Kickstarters will arrive in time. Many of the most popular tabletop games will be in high demand in the weeks leading up to the Holidays, so now is an ideal time to enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling of being ready well before the season of gift panic.

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Is this Amnesty Sale also in the brick and mortar store?

It sure is! Since this is a temporary price markdown, not all store stickers will reflect the reduced price. However you will receive the advertised price at checkout. Since there are over 5,000 titles included in the Asmodee MAPP Amnesty Sale, many of them are not on display in the shop. They can however be retrieved from the warehouse on request, just ask!

The easiest way to shop this sale is to browse the sale online, and place your order as an in-store pickup for your shipping. It will be collected, packaged, and ready for pickup the next day! You’ll also receive an email when your order is filled and ready to claim.


Shop the Asmodee Amnesty Sale!

What is MAPP and why does it get Amnesty?

What is MAPP, anyway?

MAPP stands for Minimum Advertised Price Policy, or Minimum Advertised Product Price.

Sure, but what does that actually mean?
Many publishers set a minimum price below which their games or products cannot be listed. The purpose is to keep pricing consistent and ensure that friendly local game stores and small businesses like us can stay competitive with Big Box stores.

Asmodee logoBut you know what? We’re like being competitive. Maybe its the Gamer in us.

So when on occasion MAPP companies lift their pricing restrictions and give us Amnesty to price as we see fit, we take advantage of it. We can now drop prices as low as we wish for a limited time, giving our customers a chance to rake in the savings while it lasts.

What’s included in the Sale?
Loads of popular publishers and games are in the Asmodee family, and are therefore currently up to 50% off! You’ll find board games, RPGs, supplies and more.  Click the banner to browse the Sale, or cruise onward for a sample of a few of the featured hot items currently marked down.