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Published: August 9, 2021


Aethervane RPG Gaming Group

Aethervane: Together Through the Stars

Aethervane is a communal campaign setting for games of 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. It centers around the unusual town of Bleak Haven, which is built on the bones of a dead god floating in the Astral Plane. From this “port,” you can hop on an astral ship or step through a portal and find adventure in any number of worlds, each of which is presided over by one or more of the Dungeon Masters on our team.

Although the worlds of Aethervane are divided by vast gulfs of space, they all exist within the same unified campaign setting. The actions your character takes in each adventure remain part of the history of the setting and can have a lasting effect on adventures to come; even ones that you’re not present for.

Each session of Aethervane is recorded in an adventure log shared between all of the Dungeon Masters, so that nothing is forgotten. In this way, the worlds of Aethervane and the setting as a whole are built not just by the DMs, but by the players as well.


Anyone interested in joining the campaign can find upcoming and future games here.
Sign-ups are required in order to be able to play, but will always be free!


Aethervane meets at Noble Knight Games (map) on Sundays from 6pm to 9pm, but may have other time slots available as well. Check their Events page for all upcoming sessions!

The Rules

Aethervane uses D&D’s 5th Edition system.

Connect With the Group

This group has an active online chat where players can ask questions about the universe, or role-play with other player characters. If you’d like access, ask about it at a table, or connect with the crew online:

We hope to see you soon at Aethervane!

Gaming Hall Code of Conduct

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